Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ultimate Pregnancy Tool

Being in my 8 month of pregnancy, the simple tasks have become not so simple. The biggest hassle is picking things up from the floor. I may just be acting lazy, but there is something about bending over with a basketball in my belly that makes it uncomfortable. I was telling my dad about this and he gave me the Deluxe Gopher to assist me. I cracked up laughing thinking that I would never use it, but I do and I highly recommend it!
So last night while Brian and I were in bed, the remote fell on the floor (on my side of course). I asked him to get it and he did not want to get out of bed. So I reached for my Deluxe Gopher and got the remote off the floor without really having to move.
So to all you pregnant women out there... get a Gopher!
From the Manufacturer:
Now you can reach and grab items high and low without bending, climbing, or straining. The Deluxe Gopher extends your reach nearly 3 feet - even behind furniture and appliances. The Gopher is precise enough to pick up a paper clip, yet strong enough to lift a 5-pound bag of sugar. The Gopher's extra long reach plus super grip suction cup action lets you grab nearly any object in one easy motion.

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Mr. and Mrs. Jenk said...

I had a handmade version- a long wooden rod and a bent nail with duck tape. :)