Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shout Out to Rodnee

This blog is so full of baby stuff that I have failed to mention anything about our precious furbaby Rodnee. I took this picture of him the other day while he was busy hunting squirrels and birds. Isn't he precious!
We are still not sure how he is going to react to Addison. He knows something is up because he has been very clingy and high maintenance. We also recently discovered that he thinks Addison's toys are his toys! After the shower on Saturday, Brian and I were going through all her new items. I put one of her toys on the floor, Rodnee grabbed it and took off. Sigh... I can see it now... Rodnee chewing on Addison's toys and Addison chewing on Rodnee's toys... haha I guess that is why I need a toy sterilizer.
When Addison arrives, our plan is to keep the same schedule we have with Rodnee. He pretty much plays outside all day and comes in at night to eat and sleep. He will still sleep in our bed, etc. so hopefully it won't be too much of a shock for him. Brian and I will just need to make sure we set time everyday to play with him.

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