Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maternity Leave

I am still awaiting one more signature, but this is my proposed maternity leave plan. I think the plan is very fair and flexible.
  • Starting July 1st until delivery - work from home full time.
  • FMLA- From the day of delivery continuing for four weeks I will take full-time FMLA. (160 hours FMLA) Week five through week twenty I will work from home 20hrs per week and take 20hrs per week FMLA (320 hours FMLA), totaling the allotted 480 hours of FMLA.
  • My intent is to return to work full time 20 weeks after delivery, approximately December 1, 2009 (those details will be ironed out at a later date).

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Mr. and Mrs. Jenk said...

I also did a version like this and it really worked well. Good luck!