Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trip to Corpus

Brian had a network installation in Corpus, so we decided to take a mini vacation. We drove down on Thursday afternoon, I helped Brian drop cables at his clients office. This pretty much meant handing him tools and supplies when he needed them. Friday Brian had to work all day doing the installation, so I just went to the gym at the hotel and to the pool. Friday night we went to eat at Landry's and had some yummy seafood.

Saturday was the highlight of our trip... we went fishing in the bay. Brian and I are not the biggest outdoorsy / hunting / fishing people... BUT every time we go on a vacation, we try to experience something new. We were out on the boat from 10-1:30, we fished in several locations, but did not have much luck. Apparently I missed two potential catches because my bait turned up missing. I am happy to say that I caught a catfish (released it back in the ocean) and Brian caught a speckled trout (it died a painful death flopping around in a cooler :( ). The funniest part was when we started "catching" seagulls. When Brian would cast, the seagulls would dive down to get the live bait and would not let go. It was pretty hilarious watching Brian reel in seagulls. They eventually let go...

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