Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello July

Hello July! This is the month I have been anxiously waiting for and now that it is here I am scared to death. Seriously, time has flown by since finding out we were pregnant. I remember thinking that July was FOREVER away and then bam here it is. It is time to get my act together and finish getting everything ready. Today also marks the day that I am officially working from home. It is strange. Normally right now Brian and I are praying and I am about to walk out the door. Instead I am about to log into my computer, check e-mails and do what I normally do except I will be home. I know I will be more comfortable here (sitting in an office chair all day was painful), but I am going to miss everyone at the office. I am also going to unload all my work stuff from my car and get organized. I am sure Brian is going to love all my stuff in the office. So my prayer request is specifically for the transition to working from home and soon becoming a mom. I feel like life as I know it is gone and I have to rediscover and figure things out. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those people that does not mind change. It's just that this baby changes everything (in a good way) and I just want the transition to be as streamlined as possible for me, Brian, our marriage , career and new life as parents.

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