Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Judah: The Escape Artist

My friend Amanda and I were due one week apart, it was great having a close friend to go though all the pregnancy stuff with. We saw different doctors in the same practice, so we would be delivering at the same hospital. Early on in the pregnancy I had a dream that my water broke when she was at the hospital.... turns out my dream came true. Crazy!
Amanda went over her due date and started the induction process on Wednesday July 15th. Sweet baby Judah was born on Friday. One Friday when I was admitted to the hospital I texted her letting her know I was downstairs. She & Jeff put Baby Judah in his crib and came on down to L&D. They were there a few minutes and then nurses & security were in our room looking for them. Turns out you are not allowed to leave the floor and when they did, people started looking for them. It was pretty hilarious and a fun story that we will always share.
After Addison arrived we were moved to the 3rd floor, next to Jeff & Amanda. It was such a blessing being able to share this experience with our dear friends.

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