Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hospital Stay

We delivered at Seton Northwest and our experience there was awesome. The L&D nurses got the heads up on our arrival because Aubrey's (our first employee) wife Nicole is a L&D nurse. We got the star treatment! Jill was our nurse, and she was awesome every step of the way.
Our nurses in the postpartum room were awesome as well. They taught us how to swaddle, comfort the baby, feed her, etc. They even took Addison for a few hours each night so we could get some rest. There are times though out the day when I wish I still had them to help me.
We were also blessed by many visitors at the hospital... Grandpa & GG, Grammie & Pops, John & Stephanie, Staci, Rachel & Shane, Aunt Susan & Amanda, Leanne, Tania & Kimball, Jeff, Amanda & Judah (they were our neighbors) and Steve & Mihaela. Thanks to everyone for coming by to share this special moment.
We are so very grateful for our awesome experience!

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