Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When the Hubby is away... the Preggo Wife will PLAY!

This past weekend Brian went to Hereford to visit his parents and I had a fun filled weekend planned while he was away! Thursday night I went over to my parents house for dinner. Vicki and I had girl talk before my dad got home, and then ate a yummy meal that Vicki prepared. It was great getting to spend some quality time with them before Addison arrives. Friday I worked in the morning and then went to Special Additions to get nursing bras. I was sad to have just discovered this place because they had a lot of cute maternity clothes along with everything you could ever possibly need for breastfeeding. Friday night Staci came over... we went to eat at Guadalajara and then rented the movie "Bride Wars". Saturday I went on a long walk with my friend Amanda, who is due on July 7th. I am sure we looked cute waddling up hills with our bellies, haha. Staci came back over after she got off work for night #2 of our slumber party. We went and ate dinner at Ciola's in Lakeway and then watched "The Proposal" at the theater. Sunday we went to church at Austin Stone and then I went to go pick up Brian at the airport. I had such a fun weekend eating good food, watching movies and hanging out! I did miss Brian while he was gone though... Unfortunately I did not take any pictures... I am not feeling very photogenic right now...

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