Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poor, Poor Rodnee

As many of you know, Rodnee is a VERY active mini-dachshund. He loves playing, running and chasing birds & squirrels. Yesterday morning he hurt himself, but we could not figure out exactly what was hurt (we knew it was something with his hip or back). He seemed better by mid-morning so we did not take him to the vet. Yesterday when I got home from work he could barely walk inside and was shaking from him mid-back to his legs. He ate dinner & drank water, so that is good.... this morning there was no improvement. It is like his back legs were giving out. Brian took him to the vet today and he slipped a disk in his back, which means he will be on crate rest for the next 3 weeks. This will be an extreme challenge because he will want to run outside, go up and down the stairs and jump. The vet gave him some anti-inflammatories and pain medication, which will make him feel better when he really is not. Please pray for Rodnee's recovery. Brian and I are beyond thrilled that it is nothing major, but keeping him calm for the next 3 weeks will be difficult.

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