Monday, June 15, 2009

He He Hew

This past weekend Brian and I took our 12 hour Comprehensive Prepared Childbirth class. I was honestly scared of this class but I am glad that we went. Overall it gave an excellent non-biased overview of the child birthing experience. Here is everything that was covered:
Stages and Phases of Labor
When to go and What to Bring to the Hospital
Lamaze Coaching Techniques of Breathing and Relaxation
Pain Relief Options
Variations in Labor
Early Recovery Expectations
Cesarean Section Experience
Baby Care Basics
I was pleased to find out that the epidural needle was not 24" long like some women make it seem. My goal is to wait as long as possible for the epidural so I am not stuck in a bed, but we shall see how that goes. I also decided that I do not want to be induced unless medically necessary.
The funniest section for Brian and I was the breathing, I could not stop laughing... Brian actually did a lot better than me. One thing is for certain, I am blessed with an awesome labor coach.
Overall we learned so much and have a good idea of the different options and interventions that will be available when our times comes in labor and delivery. We feel fully equipped and educated and a lot more comfortable. One thing is for sure... bringing Addison into this world will be the most surreal event and we cannot wait to experience it.

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