Thursday, June 11, 2009

Surprise Baby / Bridal Shower

I am involved in a Ladies Bible Study that meets every Wednesday evening... during this last study there we two of us about to experience some life changing events... Lori is getting married and I am having a baby! During our last session, I was told we were having a surprise bridal shower for Lori, I was so excited. Well.... come to find out there was another piece of the puzzle...
After the bible study video it was announced that we were having a baby / bridal shower for Lori and I. I was a bit shocked! The funny thing was that Lori thought we were just having a baby shower, so she was shocked as well. We both took pictures with an official pageant crown and opened gifts. Lori got a beautiful set of lingerie and a devotional book, I got a pink & brown bouncer, a super soft lamb that plays Jesus loves me and a sleep sack. After we opened gifts we had cake from Bountiful... it was delicious.
This sweet surprise totally caught me off guard, but warmed my heart. I feel so blessed to have so many people celebrating little Addison!

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