Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My New Cleaning Lady

Having a toddler who is throwing food off the table when she is "all done" means a lot of sweeping and mopping for mommy. Addison is also in this cute mocking stage and wants to do everything that I do. Combine the two and you get a child who wants to help clean.
We had Christmas with the Kuhn's a few nights ago, and when Tania asked what she could get Addison I told her a mop and broom. Addison loves to sweep and mop, but the adult sized tools are a bit much for her to handle (they are only 3 times her size).
The Kuhn's got her this super fun cleaning cart complete with a mop, broom, vacuum (that works), dust pan, detergent and a spray bottle. She loves it! Please know that I am not breaking any child labor laws... turns out it is just a fun to sweep something into the dust pan as it is to take the dust pan and wave it around to put everything back on the floor.

Here's to creating some good cleaning habits!

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