Friday, December 10, 2010

Domain Christmas Tree Lighting

The Domain is one of my favorite places to be... I love the food, atmosphere, shops (even though it feels like forever since I have worn normal sized clothes) and Staci (my SIL) lives there. This year we decided to attend the annual Christmas tree lighting. Brian, Addison and I got there early so we could get a good parking spot. We hung out with Staci and walked around. Addison had a lot of fun riding on Brian's shoulders, she had the best view! When the time was near, we got a close spot near the tree and stayed there for over an hour waiting! The place was PACKED! They had a fun concert before the tree lighting and fireworks afterwards. Overall it was a good show. Addison enjoyed the fireworks as well.
I am really glad we went! Next year we plan on watching the fireworks from Staci's apartment.

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