Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorations

One of my favorite things about our new house is the mantel! I think I am more of a simple person when it comes to decorating and although I love "things" I don't have much displayed around the house. I knew the mantel would be a fun way to display my style! Tania, my best friend / decorator for fun decorated the mantel for my birthday. I love what she did. I don't really have a decorating bone in my body, so when it came time to decorate for Christmas, I went to Tania for some guidelines. She said do blue, green, gold and silver theme. So over Thanksgiving Staci and I went to Hobby Lobby and Target and I think we did a really good job! I will say I was a bit overwhelmed at Hobby Lobby until we figured out the direction we wanted to go. It was nice taking advantage of their 40% off sale! We also made the wreath! All the wreaths we found were too traditional, so we bought a "undressed" wreath and decorated it with green, silver, blue and gold glitter ornaments and lights! It was fun doing this project with Staci. McKenna's stocking came in as well, which made the mantel complete! We wrapped the staircase in garland and put gold and silver accents throughout. It looks so wonderful!

We decided not to put up Christmas tree this year because all of our ornaments are sentimental. I could do a tree with the shatterproof ornaments, but we decided not to mess with it. We do have a small 12" tree in our kitchen that will just have to do. We did put a few festive items in the game room and did a centerpiece in the dining room as well.

That makes our decorations complete! Simple, but festive!

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