Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Ding Dang 40 Week Appointment

Let me start of by saying I am very thankful and feel blessed to have carried precious McKenna to her due date. I guess my frustration comes from the vast majority of my friends who delivered baby #2 1-3 weeks early, so I just had it in my mind I would already be holding my baby by now! This is just a perfect example of God being in control, not me. What I am most bummed about is the longer this baby is in my belly, the less likely it will be that I attend my brothers wedding.
My doctors appointment went great, McKenna's heart rate was 137 and I measured at 39cm. My blood pressure was 90/50 and progressed a little bit more. Physically I feel I can carry this baby for a few more weeks, it is all the other stuff that makes me want to have her NOW!
My next appointment is on Monday at 2:00, they will do a stress test on the baby and will discuss our options. I hoping I will not have to go to this appointment.
FYI-At Addison's 40 week appointment, I had a scheduled induction / c-section because I was not progressing at all (zero was my lucky number). I had Addison two days later. I know God has the perfect day set for McKenna's birth, I am just praying for patience and acceptance for whatever that date is.

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