Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming Home & Meeting Big Sister

We were released from the hospital around 6:00 on Sunday. My parents met us at the house with "Big Sister" Addison. Addison was real cute and kept pointing at McKenna saying "Baby". She also loved poking and patting on her little sister aka live baby doll.
I don't feel she really understands what is going on...yet. Right now Addison is receiving the same amount of attention she always has, just some of the roles have changed. Brian has stayed home with me all week long and has been super helpful in getting Addison ready for school, playing, feeding, etc. The real test will come when Brian goes back to work. My parents and Staci have also been a huge help.
I know it will be a love / hate relationship for awhile between Addison and McKenna. I also know that it will be hard at time to balance the two girls since they are in such different stages of life. My top goal is to make sure both girls are equally loved by Brian and I and I know we will make it happen.

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