Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Rockin' Recliner

One of the great debates regarding Baby Addison has been what kind of chair will be best for rocking, feeding and sleeping. I was advised by several people to get a chair that I could fall asleep in. Some of the different options are a glider w/ ottoman, glider/recliner, traditional gliders with a cushion and a wooden rocker. The "nursery" brand chairs are comfy, but expensive. Brian and I had many discussions and decided to get a Lazy Boy rocking recliner for the living room and a wooden glider w/ ottoman for the nursery. I still have my mom's rocking chair and moved it into our bedroom.
This is the Lazy Boy recliner that we ordered over the weekend. It is SUPER comfy. The great feature of this chair is that you can recline and still rock, which will be a wonderful feature when the baby arrives. We chose the Lazy Boy over a "nursery" brand like Best Chair Storytime series because of the solid construction and it looks less nursery like.
This is the glider that we will be ordering for the nursery. It is also durable, super comfy and a more cost effective choice.
This past weekend we moved all the furniture out of the nursery so we can start painting and move the new furniture in. The bed went into the office, the rocker went into our bedroom and the dresser went into our closet. It all looks great! I plan on ordering the furniture sometime this week. Very Exciting!

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