Tuesday, March 3, 2009

20 Week Appointment: Baby Had a Growth Spurt!

Last Friday we had our 20 week appointment with Dr. Solomon. The baby is doing great! Her heartbeat was 142, which is strong. The only "surprise" was my fundal height measurement (measurement of my uterus). It is typically one centimenter for every week I have been pregnant. So I should have measured 20 centimeters, but instead I measure 21.5 centimeters. Dr. Solomon's eyes got wide and said that they baby had a growth spurt, hehe. I thought I was feeling a bit bigger (rounder). So anyways, the baby is doing great, which is all I care about. I was cleared for airplane travel until 34 weeks (beginning of June), after that I have to stay within 2 hours of Austin just in case. I have a 20 week picture, I will post later this week.

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