Monday, March 9, 2009

21 Week Bump

I am going to try to take more pictures of my baby bump. Everyone keeps asking me for them, so here you go! Here we are at 21 weeks, it may not look much different than 20 weeks, but I can tell you it feels different. On Sunday while we were standing up praying at Church I opened my eyes and could not see my feet. I can see them when I rock forward a bit, but it was still pretty funny. My belly button is also starting to fill in, which feels kind of freaky.
So here is a picture of Rodnee and I in Addison's pink room. Addison is a very active little girl! She loves Christian rock music and her daddy's voice. Yesterday I got my first good kick in the bladder, that was an interesting feeling.


jju said...

You're so cute! I can't wait to see your pics all the way through! Rylan LOVED Christian Rock too in my tummy. Now his favorite all-time thing to listen to is Skillet. He says.."Mommy, I want to rock out." One time we were even listening to a childrens cd and he made me change it. Hehe. Maybe Addison will be the same :)

Rachel said...

You and Rodnee both sure look pretty in're glowing...absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait till she gets here.