Monday, March 30, 2009


Last Wednesday before I left work I heard that there was bad weather on the way. I was still planning on following my normal post work routine of going to the gym and then running errands for Brian. I called Brian after work and he said I should probably go home and just work out on the Wii Fit just in case the weather does get bad. I get home and turn on the forecast and no doubt about it, we were going to get rain. The rain started coming down really hard and then I looked out side and it was hailing. It must have hailed for about 10+ minutes. I called Brian to tell him and he asked if it was coming his way (he was out on the road in the Sprinter), I said "no baby you are good". I decided to go upstairs and check the radar again to make sure and come to find out I was wrong. He called me a bit later to tell me that I am a horrible meteorologist (I could have told him that, haha) and that he is parked under a bridge on Mopac. The good news is that the Sprinter, cars and house are all ok. The Explorer did not make out so well though. I am just glad I came straight home from work or the Camry would have had some serious damage. We do have an insurance adjuster coming next Monday to check out the house just in case we have roof damage.

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