Monday, March 30, 2009

24 Week Doctors Appointment

We saw the doctor for our 24 week appointment last Thursday. Little Addison is doing great! Her heartbeat is staying strong at 142 and fundal height was 25.5 cm. Dr. Solomon is predicting that we will be having a big girl since she is measuring a week and a half larger in size. This does not mean I will be delivering early (all her organs etc. are developed at 24 weeks), it just means that our girl is growing like a weed. Maybe I should slow down on the calcium, haha.
Our next appointment we will do a full round of blood work including the dreaded gestational diabetes test. We will also have a sonogram! I cannot wait to see a her. While feeling her kick and hearing her heartbeat is wonderful, there is nothing like actually seeing her on a screen.
Keep praying for a healthy baby!

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