Friday, March 13, 2009

18 Week Sonogram on DVD

Our 18 week sonogram was recorded on a VHS, why such obsolete technology was used is beyond me, but some things we have no control over. So 4 weeks and $25 dollars later our video was transferred from VHS to DVD, thank you Walgreens. Last night Brian got home from and we sat down for dinner to watch the video of our sweet little girl.
So the video starts playing and we immediately have issues determining what part is her head, body etc. Brian and I were both watching it going there is her head... no wait that is her body... hey I see a leg or is that an arm.... hmmmm we need our technician!
We ended up just turning the video off after a few minutes... as always it is nice to see our baby, I just wish we could figure out the body parts.

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