Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's A Girl!

It's A Girl! Our appointment this morning was a total blessing, I am still in tears and in total amazement of everything we witnessed today. It was incredible seeing our little girl's organs and finding out she is "perfect". I was told by many people to drink caffeine and orange juice to get the baby going so she will cooperate with the scan. I did all these things and our baby just chilled, hardly moved at all! The tech had a hard time getting her to move so we could see the right chambers of the heart and so we can get a profile picture. Finally, after showing us her girl parts, she shifted so we could finish viewing everything. Whew... I guessed she was a girl before we found out for sure since she was being a little difficult!
Her name as of now is Addison Rose Betzen. Addison is a name that we just like for a girl and Rose is my mom's middle name.
Brian is excited to have a little girl! We are both just tickled pink that the baby is healthy because that really is all that matters.
So now we get to paint the nursery pink and start decorating! Let the FUN begin!
We have decided to not publish the photo that shows her girl parts... but trust us she is 100% girl. Instead I will post the picture of her cute little foot!

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