Thursday, February 19, 2009

Already so blessed...

Last night when I got home from work, I checked the front porch and there was a box. I thought it may be some stuff I ordered from Old Navy or Amazon, but instead it was a sweet heartfelt gift from Addison's Great Grandparents Peggy and Jim who live in Albuquerque. In the box was the softest white blanket, cute onesie and a pair of purple Robeez shoes with a pink heart on the top. Everything is so precious and adorable! Thank you so much Peggy and Jim!
Addison has been blessed in so many other ways. Last week when I came back from the sonogram, my friend Jenelle gave the baby a cute pink and white onesie with Lambs on it. On the back, there are the cutest pink ruffles what will cover her behind. Thank you Jenelle for the very thoughtful gift, Addison will look so precious in the onesie.
During Christmas Addison, formerly known as BB received gifts from all her grandparents. Grandpa and GiGi Beeson gave her a soft blanket, photo album, cup & plate, picture frame, baby care necessities and a growth chart. Vicki also ordered the lamp and crib mobile that will go with the nursery bedding.
Grandma and Grandpa Betzen gave her two gowns, pants and a blanket. They also gave me a lot of maternity clothes that I have "grown" to love!
Addison got her Daddy and outfit (for her of course) that say's Daddy's Girl, a bib that say's Daddys Little Princess and the book "Guess How Much I Love You"for Valentine's Day. Tania also gave us the cutest pacifier holder for the diaper bag. All the love and support truely humbles Brian and I. We are so blessed and thank God for our wonderful families and friends. We could not even imagine going though this journey without you guys!

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