Monday, February 23, 2009

Brian Felt Addison Kick!

Yesterday morning when we were barely waking up, Addison was VERY active. I asked Brian if he wanted to try and feel her kick... he was a little apprehensive because we have had several failed attempts, but agreed to try again. He put his hand on my belly and about a minute later she kicked his hand! It was a sweet moment that put tears in my eyes because I have been wanting him to feel her for a couple of weeks and I know he has been sad that he has not been able to do so. I know he will be able to feel her more often as she gets bigger, it was just a sweet baby moment that I had to share.


Mr. and Mrs. Jenk said...

yea- I remember so well Marcus feeling Abby for the first time. It was also early morning :)

Rachel said...

That's great he felt his first kick from Addie...I'm so excited for both of you.