Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank goodness for the Bella Band

I have reached the point of my pregnancy to where most of my normal jeans & pants are too small around the waist (especially by the afternoon), but I am not ready for maternity jeans. What does one do in this situation??? Let me tell you... The "old fashion" method, which is still widely used is to put a rubber band around the button and button hole... this give you a few extra inches. The new method is the Bella Band. It is a band that you wear over the top of your pants and covers your button and zipper area, so you can unbutton and unzip (if needed) you pants. It looks like I am wearing an undershirt and will help prolong the life of my pre-pregnancy jeans! The other neat thing is that the bands will serve a different purpose in all stages of pregnancy (as shown in the picture above). I have some high level meetings this week, which is requiring me to dress up (I have been just wearing jeans, etc.). The bella band totally saved me from having to go buy new work pants. Thank you Bella Band and whoever created it!

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