Friday, January 9, 2009

At Home Doppler

Every time we see the doctor they use a doppler to hear the heartbeat. My friend Shelley let me borrow her at home doppler so I can hear the heartbeat when I want. The doppler at the doctor's office is 8MHz and can pick up the babies heartbeat at around 10 weeks. The home doppler is 3MHz, so I knew it would take more time before hearing the heartbeat. My doctor said it may even be 20 weeks before I could hear it.
I have tried periodically but today I was able to pick up the heartbeat! It was beautiful and such a sweet moment. The heart was beating strong at about 150-162 BPM. I know the baby is developed to the point that it is moving around (we saw it on the last sonogram) and I believe it because was moving around on me when I was trying to hear the heartbeat because I would get a strong heartbeat and then would have to adjust the placement of the doppler because it moved! I have already listened to it 3 times today! Such a huge blessing! Now I cannot wait to feel it move, which will take another 5-7 weeks.
Anyways, it was just a sweet baby moment and wanted to share.

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Tawnya said...

I love hearing all about your journey! Back in my pregancy days, we didn't have all the cool technology you get to use today.Thanks for sharing and I am praying for our sweet baby Betzen, which I also think is a boy!!!