Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Bumbleride

On Friday night I took a meal to our friends Travis and Jeni, who recently had their baby. Jeni mentioned a baby store that I had not heard of called Baby Earth, so yesterday Brian and I went to check it out. It is a very cute store that has about everything you would need for your baby, but is not overwhelming like Babies R Us.
Pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in is their wide range of high end strollers. They happened to have the Chicco stroller I was considering, which would match the car seat we are getting, but they had all these other fun European strollers as well. Jeni mentioned on Friday that they were considering the Bumbleride stroller to go with the Chicco car seat (It seems everyone is getting the same Chicco Keyfit car seat, I know about 4 people who have it and love it).
While we were looking at the Bumbleride, Travis and Jeni came into the store to purchase the stroller. It was really fun watching Brian and Travis with the stroller, they were giving it a thorough inspection and it was just really cute. Learning to collapse the stroller was an interesting experience as well.
The neat thing about the Bumbleride is that it is a regular stroller and jogging stroller combined. Brian likes the rubber wheels, and the fact that it will grip better on all surfaces. It is also very functional and lighter than the Chicco stroller we were looking at getting. The smoothness of the ride by far surpasses Chicco as well, in fact there is no comparison!
The stroller is a little more pricey, but the cost can be justified since I will only need one stroller instead of two (normal and jogger). Thank you Jeni and Travis for telling us about Baby Earth and the Bumbleride!

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