Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hospital Tour

Yesterday we had our maternity hospital tour at Seton Northwest (183 & Braker). I really did not know what to expect going into the tour, I figured they would show us the delivery room, nursery, etc. and then send us on our way. WRONG
Being a first time mom I know very little about the actual birthing process. I have heard stories, suggestions, etc. from others but never really pictured me doing it or considered the entire process. Today at the tour Ed, our guide who has been a labor and delivery nurse for 30 years gave us a detailed explanation of the entire birthing process and different options available. It almost brought me to tears thinking I will be doing this in 3 months or so.
The birthing room is really nice and big with wood floors, couch, flat screen tv, dvd player and a jacuzzi bathtub. There is a smaller room that is connected to the L&D room where they will weigh and clean the baby. After 2-3 hours they will move me to the 3rd floor where I will stay for the next 2-3 days. Brian and I both really like the hospital and agree with their policies and theories, etc. on the birthing process. We have a lot of freedom to birth this baby how we want, which is a blessing. And for all those who are wondering... yes, I will be getting an epidural. :)
I was happy that there were no screaming women in L&D unit during our tour, I might have had a panic attack. Right now I am just feeling a bit in shock and maybe a little overwhelmed about the birthing process. We are taking a 12 hour birthing class June 13-14th, so hopefully I will be more comfortable after I learn a bit more.
Overall the experience was good, it just gave me a HUGE reality check on what is going to happen. There is no going back now and I would not take it back if I could. This child is a huge blessing and will do what I have to do so she gets here safe and sound.

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Rob said...

try not to freak, even if it's a horrible day they still give you a baby and let you take it home.