Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 Week Dr.'s Appointment

My 28 Week Baby Bump

Addison's Profile

Her sweet face (she is smiling)

Yesterday we had our 28 week doctor's appointment. Addison weighs about 2 pounds 11 ounces, fluid levels looks great and the doctor says she is fabulous! Other good news is that my fibroid has shrunk a little bit and the doctor is not worried about it at all. All this news means that our baby girl is healthy and will not require any additional sonograms until she is born (unless something else comes up). So take a good look at her sweet pictures because the next pictures I post will hopefully be when she arrives! So anyways all is well with Addison, she is kicking and moving! The neat thing about our sonogram was we were able to see where she was in my belly. At that time her head was down by my pelvis and she was facing my right side. I took my 1 hour gestational diabetes test yesterday, the orange stuff was not awful... it just was not pleasant. The mean girl at the desk told me she would see next week for my 3 hour test since I ate eggs and bacon in the morning. My doctor told me not to fast and to just stay away from carbs and sweets until after the test is done. I will go with his advice. They also did another round of blood screening. So my prayer request is that I will pass my 1 hour test and that all my bloodwork will come back normal.

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Dave said...

Looks like her mother....well sort of. Will wait for more details