Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neenee the Lovey

At one of Addison's baby showers, I was given a sweet lamb that plays "Jesus Loves Me". It stayed in her crib most of her baby days. Over the past year Addison has become very attached to the lamb and calls it "Neenee". We have a lamb for the house and one at school. I went and bought two more at the Family Christian Bookstore, but somehow Addison knows they are not her Neenee's and has rejected them. Her love for Neenee is so sweet, I often hear her through the baby monitor winding the lamb so it will play "Jesus Loves Me". I also have sung that song to her before bed almost every night since she was born. She often asks for Neenee when she is in need of comfort and won't sleep without it. I am glad she found a lovey that gives her comfort and security.

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