Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Easter Addison was crawling... at her first Easter egg hunt she found one egg and was very content. This year was a different story! Brian and I took Addison and McKenna to the preschool / MOPS Easter egg hunt at our church. Here is Brian coaching Addison on egg hunting techniques.She caught on very quickly...
Check out all those eggs! Funny story... Addison would open the egg to see if she liked what was in it before putting it in her bucket. Sometimes she would put the treat in the bucket and throw the empty egg on the ground, silly girl. Her favorite item was the candy "pretty" aka bracelet.
Picture with the "Easter Bunny", McKenna was not thrilled, Addison wanted to read the book...
It was a fun family time for us and I cannot wait for next year when both the kids will be running around collecting eggs.

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