Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day at the Betzen house was very laid back and relaxing. Saturday we had a booth at the CedarFest expo, so yesterday I decided I wanted to relax. We skipped church, Brian made me breakfast, went to Costco, got caught up on some shows and took a nap. It was a good day! Next weekend Brian is taking me out on a date, woohoo.
Mother's day is a day that brings so many mixed emotions for those who have lost their mothers, lost a child or have fertility issues. Yesterday morning I prayed for those who may be hurting. Having two healthy girls of my own are a blessing that I do not take for granted (even though they make me crazy some days, ha).
The picture above was taken on Easter, I love my girls and I am so proud to be their Mommy!

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Mrs. Jenk said...

you look gorgeous!