Sunday, October 31, 2010

Addison's New School

Addison has been in in-home care since she was 5 months old. Shirley took excellent care of her and honestly loved her like she was her own. When Addison was about to turn 15 months I started looking for a school to enroll Addison. I felt like she was ready for more kid interaction and a more structured play time. Plus, with McKenna's arrival just around the corner, I wanted to get her adjusted to her new environment before I rock her world with a new baby in the house. Most of the preschools do not take 15 month olds and the ones that do were full with a waiting list. Bright Star Academy just opened 5 minutes from our house and they have a part time program. I went in to tour the school and it was perfect! One of the great debates when looking for a preschool is a play school vs. a educational school. I think Bright Star has a curriculum with a good balance of both. Addison has been going to school for 2 weeks, the first day was pretty horrible because it was the first time since she was 8 weeks that I have left her with "strangers". They were very attentive to her needs and said it was normal behavior. Now she cries for a few minutes when I leave, but her days are getting better. They even got her to take a nap on a cot, which totally amazed me! If you are looking for a daycare or preschool in the Cedar Park / Leander area, I would recommend Bright Star Academy, you can visit their website here.

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