Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Addison 12-15 Months

I cannot believe our little angel is already 15 months! These past few months have been so much fun, so lets see.... what have we been up too...
Fun & Developmental Stuff:
  • Addison loves being outdoors, we go for small walks, go to the park, anything outdoors and she is happy!
  • She is a good eater on days she feels like eating. She loves spicy foods like jalapeno chips, green chili enchiladas, etc. Veggies continue to be an issue.
  • She is quite the talker and learns more words every day.
  • Got her first blackberry at 15 months... it is not activated but she can dial (and talk to Verizon).
  • Can still wear some of her 12 month clothing, but we have moved to 18 months because she is very LONG and her 12 month pants started looking like capri's. I wish they had long length options for toddlers because her waist is so skinny. She wears a size 3 diaper and size 4 shoes.
  • Attended VBS and had so much fun! A petting zoo visted one day and she almost killed a baby rabbit by picking it up by it's neck. I am not an animal rights activist, but what those poor animals go through is pretty sad.
  • Had her official "1st Birthday Party" at our new house... it was so much fun having all our friends over to celebrate!
  • Brian and I went on vacation to Puerto Aventuras for 8 days. Addison stayed with Granmommy & Staci for the first half and GG & Grandpa for the second. She had so much fun and I did great being away (only called twice, thank you very much).
  • Addison had her first temperature and ear infection. Unfortunately she started getting sick the week we were on vacation. We came home to a snot nosed fussy monster. It was a bit rough because this was the first time she has been sick with anything but a cold, but we got through it!
  • Addison loves sitting on a couch or chair to read her books. We hardly watch any tv, she really enjoys reading the most.
  • Moved her from her high chair to booster seat. She seems to like being at our table so much better. An added bonus is that the booster chair is so much easier to clean!
  • Addison's hair is getting so long and it is constantly in her face. She will pull out any bow or clip I put on her head within minutes and she tugs at her little pony tail. I do not want to cut her hair, EVER, but bangs may be in our future.
  • We stopped swim lessons for the time being until BB2 arrives and we come up with a new schedule.
  • She is FINALLY A SNUGGLER! She will hug & kiss and is a total sweetheart! I have waited for this moment for so long. She will run to you and give you the biggest hug... it is sweet and can brighten any day.
  • Her laugh is contagious and I love it! She has several different laughs that are hilarious.
  • We are working on shapes, colors & words... she is so smart!
The Not-So-Fun-But-Knew-They-Were-Coming Accomplishments:
  • Climbing on the fireplace
  • Opening doors
  • Climbing stairs (which is not an issue), thinking she can climb down the stairs is the issue.
  • Open top drawers and reaches in to grab anything she can find. She is a tall girl!
  • Temper Tantrums - we are reading a lot of books and taking classes to learn how to deal with this and PREVENT them in an effective matter. Whew... is all I can say about that! Trying to read a toddler's mind is not an easy task!
  • Saying no, no no and no no no no no no

Pretty much we are starting on round 2 of baby proofing which will be door handles, baby gate on bottom of stairs, drawer stoppers, refridgerator and freezer lock.

The big news is that Addison starts Preschool today! She will be going Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30-2:30. I am sad that she is ready for "little people" school, but I know she will have so much fun. I will post more about this later.

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