Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preschool Halloween Party

On Friday morning I took Addison to the Halloween Party at her school, she had a lot of fun off and on (she is teething 4 molars right now, so her mood changes quick!). We started off by going trick or treating to the different rooms, I think all the kids were a little young for this activity because it turned out to be all 3 teachers scrambling to keep 8 12-24 month olds together. I was the only parent there at the time and I was exhausted trying to keep up with my own kid! God bless those workers...
After the trick or treating attempt (we ended it early), we went outside to collect a pumpkin with candy corns in it. Addison immediately took all the candy out of her pumpkin and started eating the sugary delight.
Our sweet little cheerleader could have really used some cheer when they decided to take a class picture...
They we all went inside and played together, it was fun watching Addison play with her new friends.
Overall I think she had a good time, she was a little clingy during the party, but I think that had to do more with teething pain than anything else. I do have a new found respect for the preschool workers, I was totally exhausted after 1.5 hours in her class and I only managed one child! I can only imagine what they feel like at the end of the day.

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