Friday, June 18, 2010

My Sweet Little 11 Month Old

Every month I am amazed that yet another month has gone by so fast. This month Addison really started "aging". I am happy to say she is walking, but sad because it makes her look so grown up. She definitely loves this new avenue of getting around, the bear crawl occurs less and less every day. Addison is very independent, she feeds herself finger foods and her bottle. I can remember the time not too long ago where she was completely dependent on me for her food, now she is only dependent on me to prepare her food which really is a role anyone could fill. She loves fruit over veggies, but I have learned if I put dressing (italian or ranch) over her veggies she will eat them. She could eat her weight in mandarin oranges and loves rotissere chicken as her favorite meat. She love her "mama" for times of comforting & eating... she loves her "dada" for time of play. Her favorite toy right now is the Roomba vacuum, I swear it is the best baby entertainer ever... she chases it around the house until the battery dies. My floor is cleaned and the baby is entertained, cannot beat that combo! Addison loves the pool! We took her to Milburn Pool in our neighborhood which has a fun kids area she can play in. We also took her to Staci's apartment pool where they have a 6" section she can crawl and walk around. The mosquitoes are awful right now and they eat baby girl up. I found some natural insect repellent that we are going to try. Being outdoors is her favorite thing, so I am determined to figure out a way for her to have fun and not get eaten alive. Her favorite words right now are Hi, All Done and Woah... pretty darn cute! She is so goofy and playful. Addison is the sweetest, happiest baby in the world. We just love her so much and every month gets more and more fun! I cannot believe that she will be a one year old in just a month! Her party is going to be delayed a couple of weeks until all the house stuff is figured out.

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