Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day

One thing I love is all of Addison's "Firsts" that we get to celebrate as a family and Valentine's Day was no different. Typically Valentine's Day is a low key day for us since our anniversary is on January 24th. While this year was not much different, it was extra special since we got to celebrate it with our sweet baby girl.
Brian and I agreed we would not give presents, he broke the rules and gave me a beautiful stained glass cross and Addison a sweet clay Valentines postcard that says "You Mean So Much to me FOREVER, I Love You". We went to church and listened to a great sermon on love and marriage. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and healthy marriage. Brian and I both strive to set a God honoring example of what marriage should look like so Addison will expect the same when she is older.
After church we went to pickup sushi and went over to Steve and Mihaela's to hang out with them and see their precious baby girl Mica who was only a week and a half old. It was a beautiful day, so we took Addison outside so she could ride in the swing for the first time. She loved it!
We also let her play with the grass, it was so much fun watching her discover and play with the grass. Of course, we pulled the grass out of her hand before she had a chance to eat it.
Staci came over to our house for supper and we had our traditional Pink Shrimp dish and pink cake that I cook every year for Valentine's Day. It was a wonderful day full of love!

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