Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day 2010

Addison got to experience her first real snow! We bundled her up in the warmest clothes we could find and took her outside to sit and explore the snow. She seemed very confused, but was smiling and happy! I was amazed at the amount of snow we received, it seriously snowed all day long and the snowflakes were HUGE at times. It was such a blessing and so beautiful to watch.
I went out and played in the snow 5+ times. Brian and I had a snowball fight, I made snow angels and build a pathetic looking snowman. It was a blast!
The picture at the top is one of the most favorite pictures I have taken so far of Addison, she was the cutest little snow angel EVER!
Here is a video of Brian telling about my snowman... he is pretty funny.

And Addison in the snow...

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