Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Addison's 1/2 Year Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we decided to have a small party with close friends and family to celebrate Addison's 1/2 birthday. The guest of honor was Judah, who was born a day before Addison.
For decorations, I displayed some of my favorite clothing, pictures and shoes.
I got cupcakes from Hey Cupcake, they were delicious! Addison received her first kiss from Judah, they are so sweet together... Addison got a taste of a red velvet cupcake...
Here are the cuties!
For the game, I did a "How Well Do You Know Addison?" game. Here are the questions:
1. What was Addison’s Birth weight? 7 Pound 9 Ounces 2. From the time they broke my water to the time I gave birth, how long was I in labor? 9.5 hours
3. What was Addison’s coming home outfit? Yellow and White Duck Outfit 4. What was the most critical baby item that helped us survive the fussy evenings? Exercise Ball 5. What was Addison for Halloween? Super Baby 6. Brand of her stroller? Bumbleride 7. How old was Addison when she started rolling over? 3.5 months 8. How old was Addison when she finally took a bottle consistently? 2.5 months 9. When were her first teeth discovered? Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 10. What came first? First airplane ride, first snow or first feeding of cereal? Airplane 11. What I s the first thing we do every morning with Addison? Stretch 12. How did Addison ring in the new year? Sleeping 13. When did Addison start sleeping through the night? 8 Weeks 14. When did she stop? 3 Months 15. What is Brian’s special name for Addison? Addykins or Baby Girl

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