Wednesday, November 24, 2010

36 Weeks!!!

I had my 36 week doctors appointment today and everything is still looking good! I had a little scare last week with contractions (everything turned out fine, I was just over doing it and not resting & hydrating enough), so I was happy to hear everything is going well. I would love for Mckenna to come early, but 35/36 weeks is still a bit early.
My blood pressure is 110/70, Mckenna's heart rate was 147 and I measured right at 36 weeks. I probably won't get checked for dilation or effacement until 38 weeks. I got checked last week and there was no progress (shocker... look back at my June / July 2009 archives for all my depressed lack of progress posts, haha). The thing is that I know when my body is ready, it is ready, so those numbers mean nothing to me!
I made my last 3 doctor's appointments, which is CRAZY!
All is well in the baby world! We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our families this weekend.

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