Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The bottle...

I was reading though older posts and realized I have not updated on Addison taking the bottle. Shortly after the "dreaded bottle" post Addison started taking a bottle...yeah! Over the Labor Day weekend Addison's Granmommy came into town determined to get Addison to take the bottle. We pulled out my extensive collection of bottles and nipples and found the nipple that resembled her pacifier. The winner was one of the bottles that GG bought for her... the only one we did not try!
We have been giving Addison one bottle a day for over two months.... she will even take the bottle from me! She still sometimes resists the bottle, which means we have to bounce on the ball or walk around for her to take it. It has been so nice being able to leave Addison without worrying about having to get home to feed.

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