Saturday, November 21, 2009

Addison - 4 Months

This has be the best month yet! Addison has been so much fun and it is nice to watch her play with toys, "talk" with different sounds, smile, laugh, roll and respond to voices and sounds. In a lot of ways she is so much easier, but there are still some areas that are challenging (like no longer sleeping through the night). Someone told me that once you figure something out, they change.... that is so true! We love our little angel so much!
The Pediatrician Visit:
Brian and I took Addison to her 4 month well check on the 18th and we are happy to say she is still PERFECT! We were able to spend some time talking about our questions and it was a good visit.
Weight: 13.3 Pounds - 50th Percentile Height: 25 Inches - 75th Percentile Head Circumference: 40.5cm - 45th Percentile
Overall, she is long and lean and doing fabulous!
Fun Facts from the 4th Month:
  • Stopped sleeping though the night at 3 months and have become a habitual night feeder (not such a fun fact)
  • She started grabbing, shaking and playing with toys
  • Obsessed with putting things in her mouth and gets frustrated that both fists will not fit.
  • Loves the exersaucer
  • Praise baby dvd’s are still a lifesaver
  • Loves to stand up and face out so she can see the world
  • Rolls over, mostly from tummy to back.
  • Introduced her to the sassy bouncer, she sways more than bounces
  • First airplane ride and overnight visit to Hereford, she did great!
  • Laughing and smiling a lot more
  • Making a lot more sounds
  • Loves playing airplane & flying
  • Loves her weekly playdates with her future husband Judah (he was born the day before Addison)
  • Enjoys going on long walks
  • A lot more independent and can play by herself

While I know month 5 will be full of fun new things, it will be a bit challenging in some areas. We are working on sleep training Addison to break her habitual night feeding habit. I am also working on putting her on a more structured feeding schedule.

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