Monday, October 19, 2009

Lightweight Stroller

Brian and I are taking Addison on her first airplane trip to Hereford November 13th-15th. I love love love my Bumbleride stroller, but it would be too big and bulky to take on the trip. So, we decided to purchase a smaller, lightweight stroller. I did a ton of research and found the Maclaren strollers to be the best, not only for the high quality, but the handles are higher, which will make pushing the stroller easier for Brian and I since we are tall.
Unfortunately most lightweight strollers are made for babies 6 months and up because they don't have multiple seat positions. I took Addison to Babies R Us to test drive these strollers because I was hoping the less expensive Volo model would work... it didn't. Poor baby girl slumped right over :(
I decided to purchase the Maclaren Triumph Stroller. The hot pink & black stroller was very tempting, but I decided to go with the more practical brown and blue (in case there is a baby boy in our future).
Weight: 11 Pounds
Multiple Seat Positions Carry Strap One-Hand Fold Up to 55 Pounds

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