Saturday, October 17, 2009

Addison 2 Months

Yes, I realize that tomorrow Addison will be 3 months, so I decided I better hurry and blog about her 2 month appointment. Nothing like procrastinating! I swear I want to start blogging again, I just have been so busy with being a mom, part-time work (which has been closer to full time lately), a wife and saving a little time for myself. Here are Addison's stats from her two month appointment on 9/18: Weight: 10 Pounds 15 ounces (50th Percentile) Height: 23 Inches (75th Percentile) Head Circumference: 38.5cm (50th Percentile) Addison is long and lean! She got her shots at this appointment and they went awful. She screamed bloody murder and threw up her Rotavirus vaccine. I felt awful for putting her through so much.
Fun Facts from Month 2:
She started sleeping though the night at 6 weeks.
She started taking a bottle, we give her one a day to keep it consistent.
She definitely knows who Brian and I are.
She smiles and laughs.
She is a talker.
Her head and back are really strong. We also do squats daily to strengthen her legs.
Started sitting in her bumbo.
Loves bath time.
LOVES watching Praise Baby DVD.
Enjoys watching TV.
Loves her play mat.
We still swaddle her every night and stretch every morning.
Addison is pure joy. While some days are more challenging then others, we cannot imagine life without her.

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Rob said...

I am so glad that you are getting time for yourself in all the hussle and bussle.