Friday, March 11, 2011

Such a great big sister...

Can you guess what Addison is doing in the picture???? She is teaching McKenna the hand moves to Itsy Bitsy Spider. It was so sweet listening to her sing the song and do the moves. She was very gentle with McKenna as well. Addison is so sweet and loving to her little sister, I can tell she is ready for McKenna to grow up and play!
Some other fun big sister moments....
When McKenna is is on her play mat, Addison gets on the mat and plays with her. This usually includes making silly faces in the mirror or taking the toys off the mat.
I put McKenna down for a nap in the bouncer. I ran upstairs to grab something and she started crying. By the time I got down to her, Addison was bouncing her gently in the bouncer and tried putting the pacifier in her mouth.
Addison loves to feed McKenna a bottle. In fact, she is skillful enough that she can drink from her sippy cup and hold the bottle for McKenna at the same time. I tried to get a picture of this yesterday, but failed.
Addison loves to lay a blanket on the floor for McKenna and swaddle her. She is getting much better at not putting the blanket on her face, but she does try to pull the blanket from under her.
Addison loves to rub McKenna's hair.
I love my girls and love watching them play together! It will only get better and more fun!


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