Friday, March 18, 2011

Bye Bye Sprinter... Hello Nitro 1 & 2

We have been super busy at the Betzen casa... hence my lack of blogging. For me, working 20-30 hours a week on top of being a mom, wife, housekeeper and cook keeps me super busy. For Brian, our business is growing strong and we are in the process of hiring a new onsite technician to join our team. Right now we have two full time employees, one works at the office and the other does onsites. The sprinter aka. mobile repair center has been the primary vehicle for onsite appointments. Since we are hiring another technician, we decided to trade in the sprinter and purchased two Dodge Nitro SUV's... they are called Nitro 1 and Nitro 2.
We were sad to see the sprinter go ... Brian put a ton of man hours building the inside for all the computer repair needs. The Nitro is a very nice vehicle and will do well for what we need. Brian has been driving it since we have not hired anyone and loves it (he has been driving his mustang), so we may end up adding Nitro 3 to the fleet.
We feel so blessed to have a growing company that supports our family and provides jobs. The plan is to take Brian out of the field and do more business development. Having your own business is hard work! He works from 4am to 7pm almost every day!

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