Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Brother's Wedding

One of the most difficult facts about McKenna's due date was that she would be making her appearance around my brother's wedding on December 31st. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid, but had to make the heartbreaking decision to withdraw because of all the uncertainties regarding when McKenna would arrive. For some reason I thought that I would deliver her early because God knew the desires of my heart and He knew I wanted to be at my brothers wedding. But when the due date came, without any indication of labor I was discouraged and came up with a plan B for Addison's care since it would surely overlap with John's wedding. As it turned out my water broke the night of my due date, had an easy delivery, got released from the hospital early, have been blessed with an easy baby who likes to sleep and my recovery was going well, so we decided to go to the rehearsal dinner and wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. John Beeson...

Picture of the ceremony... It was very cold but I can understand why they wanted it outdoors because the venue was beautiful!

The reception was amazing as well! I love the smores station outside, a perfect fit for a winter wedding!

McKenna and Addison had matching outfits...

Addison loved playing and dancing with the camera... I had to apologize to the Bride's parents for all the random pictures my daughter took with several cameras that were on each table at the reception.

Addison had a blast at the wedding! She enjoyed showing off her dance moves (she had the dance floor to herself) and chasing the lights on the ground.

This is one of my favorite facial expressions...She also had a lot of sugar!

The most difficult part of the trip was our hotel stay in Salado. It was difficult getting Addison to sleep because she has never slept in the same room as us. Addison is a restless sleeper and McKenna squeaks and grunts... combine the two and it meant no one slept very well. Addison also woke up when I had to feed McKenna. Needless to say I will do some research the next time we stay at a hotel, maybe a suite will be easier.

We had a great time at the wedding, it is so sweet to see my bother and his wife so happy. It was also great getting to spend time with my family.

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Mrs. Jenk said...

so glad you made it! We put Abby's pack and play in the hotel bathroom and then just pee in the dark and flush the next morning. It has worked best for us. Love the velvet dresses.