Saturday, April 10, 2010

Babyproofing... Oh What Fun!!!

Addison is getting into EVERYTHING now that she can speed crawl and pull up using pretty much anything she can get her hands on (my favorite is when she uses my hair to stand up...NOT). We have officially entered the "when she is quiet she is probably into something she should not be" stage. With that being said we have done a lot of babyproofing lately. My dad recently installed Tot Loks on all my lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets downstairs. These locks are awesome and require a magnet to open the cabinet, which is sometimes a pain when you have an arm full of dishes to put away, but we are getting used to them. I feel comfortable knowing that is is nearly impossible for her to get into the cabinets and that we will not be dealing squished fingers. Thank you Dad!
Our other main issue was that Addison started climbing the stairs, the highest she has climbed is stair #4, which is so scary! It is amazing what she can accomplish being unsupervised for only a few minutes. After a long search, we finally found the perfect baby gate, it is made by dreambaby. It is priced lower than some I have purchased and works great!
I have also learned that I cannot have anything on my coffee table, end tables, etc. She loves anything and everything that she is not supposed to touch! Babyproofing is definately a learn as you go process, I just was not prepared to be hit with so much so fast!
Addison is growing up and is so curious about everything, it is fun watching her explore and discover new things even if they are things she should not be touching.

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Mrs. Jenk said...

Love it! Abby will go to a place she isn't supposed to and give herself away by saying No No. Now, if only I could teach her what that means!