Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Word Is Out!

Well I am happy to say that almost everyone knows about BB and the response has been amazing. Brian and I are so blessed to have such a supportive, loving group of family and friends. This CHRISTmas season is going to be even more special because of the amazing gift God has blessed us with. I am trying real hard to eat right, rest and exercise, but some days those cheeseburger, chili dog & cheese steak cravings take over. I am still very exhausted, but have found working out during lunch gives me extra energy to make it through the day. Tonight my friend Shelley is coming over. She purchased a fetal heart rate monitor when she was pregnant with Hayden and is going to let me borrow it. I am hoping I will be able to hear the heartbeat tonight, but it may take a couple more weeks of development. Tomorrow we are 9 weeks!

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